There’s that first time of year, sometime in early Fall, fondly referred to as simply “Barbour weather”. Year in, year out, for well over a decade now, it’s this Bedale I’ve pulled from the closet on each of first such day.

It’s become common to refer to something as “getting better with age/wear/use”, “you’ll have this forever/hand this down to your son” or something being “an heirloom piece/collector’s item”. As common as those turns of phrase may be, there are quite simply some things that fall squarely into each and every of these categories.
In my book(like so many others’), the Barbour Bedale is one of them.
Purchased at Orvis on Fifth Avenue years ago, from a dubious salesman (“You’re sure you want a 34?”), it fits like a glove. And when I say glove I mean snug. Not too much so but just right.
Re-waxed a handful of times over its lifetime and certainly due for another. Faded, ripped, frayed and thoroughly worn in. These days, about as watertight, thorn and weatherproof as a leaking dinghy. And although last winter, deciding it time to spring for a new one(navy this time), I just can’t quit this old thing. This year, as years previous, on the first morning announcing Barbour weather, it was like seeing an old friend again.

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  1. Franz Carr says:

    What size have you got? They fit a on the large side I seem to remember. Interesting that over the pond you have a Barbour and over here in the UK, I went for a Filson Weekender! Think the Barbour came first mind.

      • JJ says:

        That is crazy you wear a 34! I swear you’re bigger than me and I slip into a 36″. I remember getting my first bedale years ago at the shop on the UWS and the salesman laughed at me for wanting a 34.

        • mrforts says:

          It is indeed a 34. It fits the way I like it. Snug but still able to layer.
          And I got the very same reaction from the Orvis salesman.
          The 34 I bought last year is cut more generously however. Fits differently. But still nice.

  2. Glenn says:

    If you know of anywhere in LA one might have his Barbour (Bedale, size 38) re-waxed, I’d appreciate it. There are a couple of places in NYC that do it, but I live here now. i tried doing it myself and t was a mess, and didn’t work very well.

    • David says:

      Glenn, I don’t know about rewaxing, but Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena is the biggest retailer of Barbour west of the Mississippi (according to them, anyway). If anybody would know where to rewax in LA, they would. Give them a call: 626.793.3337.

  3. jan says:

    Really touching to hear you say ‘like seeing an old friend again’. We have met a few owners while making our short doc ‘A Jacket for Life’ and talked to lots of people who feel the same. Thanks Ed!

  4. Chris says:

    If you’re looking for a new one, try the Ashby. It’s the Bedale, but with a slimmer cut. I just picked up a Navy one, and I’d wear it to weddings if I could. It’s just fantastic.

  5. Andrew says:

    I am about to order one, and I am a very skinny tall guy (140lbs but 6’2) I know I wont always be this skinny, and I want the jacket to fit forever, my jacket size is a 36 long, which they suggest your order an xs if you are a 36 jacket size, but I fear that a small would swallow me since it is meant for 38 jacket sizes. Any suggestions?

  6. Alan says:

    What a great looking jacket. The lining looks pristine, don’t know how people keep their linings piling-free. I have a Barbour International for less than a year and the tartan lining is pilling quite a bit. Anyway, nice one!

  7. Franz Carr says:

    Glenn, looks like you can post it for reproofing but may incur a wait…

    Andrew, take your measurements and perhaps give Barbour US (if you’re over there) a shout or visit a retailer and try a couple on?

  8. Lorcan says:

    My Father gave me his 70′s one it was in worse shape it is worth sending it to barbour to fix it up so worth the price :)

  9. Back in the day Barbour used to offer a really nice little repair kit, that came in a beautiful tin box. I guess people hardly bother doing it themselves anymore.

    My only problem with the Bedale (and many other Barbours) is the sleeve length. My God the sleeves are so short, when you have arms like a monkey.

  10. JT says:

    Love the pig pin on the collar. Where can I get one of them?

  11. Amit says:

    I moved to San Francisco after a life (28ish years) in NYC. I’ve since worn my bedale at least twice/month, every month (with daily wearings for multiple months). I can get used to this.

    • marsocho says:

      agreed. the perfect jacket for sf weather. i sport the derwent during the rainy season, and the bedale the rest of the year.

  12. Darcy Barber says:

    I was JUST gifted my very first Barbour Bedale, I am in love. Seeing your photos and knowing now how well it will age gives me the warm fuzzies. Thanks!

  13. J.B. says:

    LOVE the jacket! What color is this? The olive or the sage? Trying to figure out which one ages more gracefully. Thanks!

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