The Fall Three : Matt Baldwin, Baldwin Denim.

Matt Baldwin running it in KC. Between his eopnymous line, the newly re-opened, re-designed men’s flagship store, being a husband and father of three, he still finds time to pitch in for The Fall Three. Below, Baldwin’s picks.

1)Baldwin – The Henley: There is a yearly ritual with the change of the season for me in Kansas City; I pick up a fresh pair of dry denim and pull out a jacket or cardigan and start wearing socks again. It just feels right. Pictured is a few of mine from past seasons and my new pair respectively.

2)The Drums – Portamento: This fall season has dropped a new Drums album on me that has been on repeat and added fuel to my staple Drums opening set when I get behind the turntables. It’s put me in a good place as I design Fall 2012.

3)Ford – Bronco: My first 3 cars were an 81, 88, 89 Ford bronco. This fall I’ve been on a mad hunt online for the perfect project and get back behind the wheel of an early Bronco.

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4 Responses to "The Fall Three : Matt Baldwin, Baldwin Denim."

  1. Jason says:

    I actually just bought a ’96 Ford Bronco (last year they were produced). Not quite the charm of the late 70s Bronco – but like all Broncos, the top comes off, and it’s something to keep me out of the house, out of the bars, and in the garage.

  2. Ryan says:

    Classic Broncos. Nice.

  3. s says:

    Baldwin isn’t in KC. It’s in Leawood KS. If anybody knew anything about the area the distinction would be regarded as considerable enough to mention.

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