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13 Responses to "In/Out/About/Here/There."

  1. Franz Carr says:

    Cool Runnings…

  2. jeff says:

    I’d love to know a bit more about the framed Outkast piece.

  3. Hey stranger,

    another great post as always. Is the cap that the smoker is wearing outside bar oyster a Norse Projects….great fit.

    Also, would there be any chance of getting a close up of your tatts?(new or old, as never noticed before)

    The khaki tan pants..are they RRL and is the material duck canvas?

    The leather jacket in the end photo(similar to the A2)…is that a 50s era USN flight jacket?


  4. Also, where can I find one of those toiletry bags? Looks like it should belong to Dr Harris

  5. Cheers for the prompt reply. Have just ordered the canvas tool bag to replace my US army ww2 stenciled personal goods bag…something I used to carry my toiletries in.

    How about those tattoos?


  6. sam says:

    were you in austin for a wedding? one of the shots looks like it’s from the barr mansion. that’s where i got married. rad place.

  7. joe says:

    awesome post. i love the filter on some of those photos… were you using an app? if so, could you tell me what you were using for the rectangular ones?

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