Head to Toe : Blue, Old and Older.

*J.Crew herringbone twill cap / Ray Ban Meteor / Case Sod Buster jr. / HYDE “you pay” bottle opener / MWC W10 Automatic 1970s Spec Military Watch / Truman Handcrafted Minimalist wallet
*J.Crew selvedge covert twill workshirt / Engineered Garments marled cotton sweatshirt / Vintage Lee 191 LB chore coat
*Filson Red Label zipper tote / O-Check task notebook / Parker Jotter
*3+ year old 3Sixteen SL-100 w/ vintage Japanese boro patched crotch / J. Press ring belt / The Hill-Side reverse camo pocket square
*Solmate socks / Vans Authentics

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18 Responses to "Head to Toe : Blue, Old and Older."

  1. Really great pictures, James, as always.
    I’m wondering what the brass figure eight ring in the back pocket is–I didn’t see it listed in the description below the pictures. (My apologies if I overlooked it.)

  2. James says:

    HI James,

    Whats the brass key hook and where is it from ?

  3. Rawson says:

    James, where do you buy your laces for the Vans from? I love the LL Bean style but can never seem to find ones that fit Vans well – the ones I find are usually too long. Thanks!

    • mrforts says:

      You can find them most anywhere. Cut em and put a lighter to the ends. Vans actually laced these up with em. I suppose somewhere there looks at a few menswear blogs….

  4. mike g says:

    Love the crotch patch on the 3sixteens

  5. Michael says:

    Just a couple of questions. Do you wear your buttoned shirts buttoned all the way to the neck and do you wear your baseball caps flat-brimmed or with a slight curve?

    Always look forward to the head-to-toes and it’s been a great inspiration to me. I don’t complain about the cold here (in Ontario, Canada) because it’s just another opportunity to be creative with my layering and outerwear…I’ve recently picked up a number of different coats and am getting ample opportunity to rotate them and co-ordinate them with whatever I’m wearing on a certain day.

  6. sam says:

    that lee jacket is some kind of amazing.

  7. Sam says:

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    I would love it if you would like to follow me.
    I find your blog also super!

  8. matthew clark robertson says:

    hey james,

    killer shoot.

    are those vans a special edition? i can’t find them on the website.

  9. ben says:

    The key chain is J Crew item number 61888. You can order it through the J Crew personal shoppers.

  10. Bobby says:

    I’ve been looking through a ton of blogs for some inspiration as to how I want to go about doing daily shoots on my new blog (graduateyourgame.com). I really like the way you don’t just stand in front of a camera and point out what you’re wearing. The shots are really cool and I will definitely be incorporating these types of shot in my upcoming posts. Great work Forts.

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