THE BOARD : FALL, 2012, pt. I.

Your pictorial guide to a proper, stylish, adventurous and perhaps dangerous Fall season.

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  • Barry

    Exemplary work as always and the effort is much appreciated.

  • Wes

    What an awesome collection, autumn months are some of the best of the year.

  • Al

    I love these – especially in autumn.

  • Mike


  • dan

    so so good, thanks james.

  • Emil

    The best one ever. Fuck you.

  • Jeremy

    Damn! I had to drink some water towards the end of that.

  • ben

    Where are those key holders from (the flip keys) those will solve at least 90% of my problems.

  • Lance Holloway

    So sick. Thanks for the work.

  • Emil

    Dude James what/who is this? I want her jacket.

    • mrforts

      Me too.#duh

      • Emil Corsillo

        Yeah but seriously dude. What is that jacket???

  • sam

    michael williams lost weight…good for him.

  • Rick

    Superb first class stuff as always.

    Fall is the best.



  • Frank

    James! Best Post Ever!!!

    • mrforts

      Thanks Frank. Hope you’re well.

  • DJ

    This is phenomenal, heavy on the inspiration. Thank you for doing this!

  • Michael

    This post is all kindsf awesome and it’s sort of become a daily ritual that I gander at the pretty pictures at work (I work in an office) when I need a break. Could you let me know where I can get my hands on those belt-loop clip leather strap key chains? Any place in Canada would especially be convenient. Thanks.

  • matthew

    god damn. killing it. always. too good.

  • Matt

    Wow, amazing! Great work. Love that Edwin jacket – do you know where I could find it to buy in US?


  • Sam

    Just discovered this fantastic blog. First, thank you. Second, could you please tell me the maker of the grey sweater in image 0202 near the top? I would appreciate it.

    • mrforts

      Not sure which you’re referring to.

      • Sam

        Image numbers 15 and 33 from the top, I believe.

  • Lauren

    Makes you want fall to be right now. Great work.

  • Guy

    Hi , Who makes the shoes with the two rings on the strap ? ( image above the vans ) Guy.

  • daniel Ordonez

    I want to know how i can figure out the brands of most of this garments, theyre dope. id appreciate if you could help me with this. really cool stuff for men.

  • Paul Balcerak

    I want to live inside this post forever.