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  • FC

    What’s the watch you’re wearing?

  • Warren

    Where’s the table your making?

    • http://www.secretforts.com mrforts

      still in the works.

  • James

    Hi James What’s the jacket in the picture of you in the car with the Stone Jeans on, really like that blue colour and glad to see some new content up on the site looks dope

  • Jack S

    I’ve been hanging out for a new post! I saw on Insta you were dyeing, do you have any indigo dye tips? Keen to bring some old favourites back into play. Sydney, Aus.

  • _jamesbriggs

    Great work Mr.F – what is the jacket & shoe combo in the picture with the purple flowers?

  • Luke


    What are those “Trunks, Swimmers” you have pictured? Summer finally seems like it’s on the way, time to get some new trunks!

  • pj

    favorite blog. happy to see you in the bean.
    come drink beers next time you’re in town.

  • http://thisisneat@instagram.com Matt

    I second Jack S. I’d be interested in a post on the indigo dyeing. It looks like most of what you’ve done turned out great.Another great post. Thanks!

  • shane

    blanket on the couch?

    • http://www.secretforts.com mrforts

      vintage indigo dyed patchwork serape.

  • Michael Ligon

    Your post almost makes me wish that the cooler weather hung around a little longer so I can continue to wear my denim and my lighter jackets as it seems the warm weather is now finally coming around . Btw, what brand is the green hooded parka?

    • http://www.secretforts.com mrforts

      Vintage US Army cold weather parka. Way too big but couldnt pass it up. such good details on it.

  • http://www.energiinoi.ro panouri solare

    These pictures talk more than 1000 words, literally! Great point of view!